I Didn't Know

Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:28

He knows I love to capture moments,

He knew just where to take me to see.

Our brother Cha knew I would love the energy,

In this place, taking in all that surrounded me.

He was right, I had a blast that night,

Jumping around, enjoying the scene,

I never knew, not for one moment, 

That this was the same place you'd recently been.


One of my favorite pictures of you,

Is one that is a "night selfie," you see.

A pic that captures a smiling you,

A smiling cop whose badge number is 2052.

On my phone as I looked back at my pictures,

As I swiped and swiped, full of smiles and full of glee,

Suddenly it struck me, this background was familiar, 

Brother, this was one of the last places you'd been!


Our brother Cha, this one is sneaky,

He knew these memories are difficult for me,

But he also knew that this is healthy, I need to walk that path and take it in.

I got quiet, I felt a pain,

An all-too-familiar hurt I can't name.

I said a prayer, 

Sent you love,

Told you I missed you, and quietly felt your hug from above.

- Linda Rosslyn 04/07/2023


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