I Didn't Know - A nod to gratitude and support

Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:25

One might think that day is over,
That Thanksgiving Day is past,
One might think its time to go yonder,
For another chapter’s pages are about to start.


For the Otundos, it is not over,
All the fond thoughts,
All the thanks.
I just wanted to first let you,
Enjoy your family moments,
Catch up on those laughs, those chats.


Now today, it’s something a little serious,
Not too serious though,
It’s just important that I get you,
To understand your importance to us,


I’m going to tell you a little story, hopefully a short one that brings you in,
A story that lets you know, just how much to us you mean.
And without much further ado, grab a seat, pull the couch, sit on the floor,
Or stand in the corner if you choose to do so,
Are you ready? Here we go.


I didn’t know my life could change so much, so suddenly, so fast,
I didn’t know I could feel so hard,
I didn’t know I needed so much,
I just didn’t know.


I didn’t know how much more he had grown,
I didn’t know just how much love he had sown,
How many other brothers he had grown, sisters he had shown, the way.
I didn’t know.


I didn’t know how much love he had fostered,
How many other parents he had,
How many other sons and daughters he has sponsored,
Leading them, guiding, inspiring them, motivating,
Talking, joking, laughing, playing.
I didn’t know.


I didn’t know how I could go on,
And then, in that moment, it was on!
Those people he had met,
Those people he had helped,
Those other brothers he had grown,
Those other sisters he had shown,
Those other parents,
Those sons and daughters,
That other family, they all came, to us, and they helped!
Oh my goodness, I didn’t know.


They helped us,
They helped us stand, they helped us walk,
They helped us talk and remember to laugh and joke,
They helped us cook, to serve and eat,
Even to sleep, which was a feat!
At our beck and call, this family came,
And some we didn’t even know by name.
They kept coming, they came and came,
And to this moment, they still do the same.
Oh my, Oh wow,
I didn’t know.


I didn’t know my life could change so much, so suddenly, so fast,
But then it did.
I didn’t know my brother was so loved, and then life happened, and in that pause,
The universe agreed!

My love, my loss,
His love, his care,
Big bro, even in your physical absence, I feel you there.
My love of family, runs strong and deep,
Off course he knows this, are you kidding lil’ big sis?


This other family, these many people so loving, so rare,
They, that are guiding, inspiring, motivating,
Talking, joking, laughing, playing,
And helping us along this healing way,
Of which YOU are one of them,
He brought you there!

I didn’t know.
And now I know.


One might have thought that day was over,
That Thanksgiving Day is past,
I hope you now see why I had to tag you,
There’s too many feelings, too many thoughts,
So much Gratitude I had to cast.
For what you have been, for your selflessness unseen,
For what you so quietly yet lovingly blast,
I couldn’t not very loudly thank you,
I just couldn’t not broadcast!


-Linda Rosslyn 11/21/2021

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