Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:24

Just like in years past,

Just like we always do,

Our fam started this, your day, at midnight.

With greetings of love, packed just for you.


Proud father,

Protective brother,

Loving son and friend too,

You're missed in a way that we only can miss you.


As my thoughts start to deepen,

And your absence sets in,

I start to feel my spirit weaken,

I feel the darkness begin.


And then I see it, your smile.

That smile that darkness it pierces through,

I feel you,

I hear you big bro,

You're telling me this is not it,

This sadness is not what I should do!


This day is a special day,

This day is a joyous day,

This day has allowed for many memories over the years,

Many wonderful memories that are mine to stay.



Burned in my heart this date always will be,


It's a date that I hold dear,

For it reminds me just how proud and so grateful a sister you made me.


For years we've walked this earth's journey,

With you by my side.

And for years we'll continue on this earth's rollercoaster ride.


Happy Birthday my dear one, big bro love,

Happy Birthday to you, as you watch us smiling from above.

- Linda Rosslyn (04/23/2022)

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