My Promise to You

Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:24


At times I sit and cry.

At times I sit and smile.

At times the memories bring me joy,

At times those same memories just make me ask, "Why?"


At times I am filled with anger,

Feelings too much to bear,

At times I feel like I have no energy,

I just want to sink into despair.


But then it's always in those tough moments,

Those times when I feel neither here nor there,

It's those times I always feel your presence,

Around me,

Surrounding me,

Reminding me to pick myself up,

To rise up and self care.


It's been six months my dear big brother,

Six months since you were taken from our midst,

Six months that I have been working on myself,

Learning how to go on, move on without you here to assist.


As I write this, my dear big brother,

As I pen my feelings so deep,

I am making a sincere commitment to myself,

To not let this loss, this pain my soul eat.


I promise to remember you with fondness,

I promise to remember you with love,

And you know I am all about balance (haha),

So off course, as siblings, I will also remember those moments when you taxed my last nerve!


Jokes aside,

I remember our dreams.

The ideas and goals we discussed.

I promise you my dear brother,

No more excuses, no more delays,

Now it's up to me, I promise,

Those dreams are now my life's path.

- Linda Rosslyn (1/22/2022)



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