This Dream

Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:24

Now and then I've had those dreams,

When I've woken up shaken,

Or when I've woken up scared.

Now and then I've remembered those dreams,

Those that I might not have liked well,

Those that had me all nervous,

Those that made me feel unwell.


Today I woke up, remembering this dream very clear,

There were those people that I knew well, who wanted me living in fear.

I remember vividly exclaiming,

Shouting loudly at them,

"I know that my brothers will come protect me,

I know my brothers will have you praying for hell."


Then I felt you,

Then I saw you.

You appeared, I had no doubt you were there,

My big bro, dark and lovely,

I saw you dressed fully in your dark cop gear.

You said no words, made no mentions,

Didn't even look at me,

and not even at them stared.

But you got right down to business,

You searched through their stuff,

You looked like you knew something was there.


I watched as you ruffled,

As you rifled through their things,

You calmly were picking apart,

To find what you knew there, lay in.

It was then that I woke up and lay there,

Into the air staring, processing all that I'd seen,

As I tried to rack my brain,

Wondering what this dream was telling me,

What did you come to me to say, what did it all mean?


Now and then I've had those dreams,

That had me stressed out,

That had me in tears.

This was not one that did that,

Only because you showed up,

Because you calmed my fears.


I felt that you appeared to tell me you're always with me, 

Always there.

When I'm in doubt, feeling alone, troubled or lonely and call on my brothers,

You will always be the first one there!

- Linda Rosslyn (1/29/2022)

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