Published on 8 April 2023 at 18:31

Mummy's now here in California,

Mummy's now here with me.

Just like we talked many times over,

Mummy was going to be with you, or with me.


It was not hard to make that decision,

She and I thought it through, it was going to be,

It is sad that these were the conditions,

Where you're not here to help sort this with me.


It's been a lot working through the details,

Making sure mummy's comfortable, I know you agree,

Finding the right house, the right neighborhood,

Where we landed is for us,

Just right for us three.


With this we're busy, everyday is an experience,

Fixing this, fixing that, it's actually quite neat.

Mama's here with me in California,

This is just the beginning bro, watch - you're in for a treat!

- Linda Rosslyn 04/08/2023



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